Great aerial photos start on the ground.

(you deserve a pilot who listens to you, plans ahead and keeps you out of trouble)

Photos shot from the air are all about context. What's where, in relation to what else is around. We look at the drone as just another tool in the toolbox. It's a camera with wings -- but it's still just a camera.


Aerial video is different from terrestrial video. We're still telling stories with light, motion and sound,  but there's differences when you're moving in the air.


It's more scouting than mapping. But we can cover archaeological sites quickly and at a variety of altitudes, providing real-time imagery of what's on the ground.





Everybody loves a good aerial shot. We're no exception.


What makes us different from other aerial imagery operators? We're planners. And talkers.Our vision should be your vision and we'll ask a lot of questions to get there. There should be no unpleasant surprises when you get your photos or video, just a lot of "Wow, that's just what I needed."

See Arizona By Air is owned by Judd Slivka, who built the drone journalism program at the University of Missouri School of Journalism into a nationally recognized, nationally envied training ground for student pilots -- many of whom are shooting for TV stations today.


How? By doing things the right way. Every time. The right safety equipment. The right camera platform for the situation. Understanding laws and getting permits. Building policies and procedures that work. Not cutting corners.

It's why Slivka has taught drone policies and procedures to more than 50 pilots at one of the nation's largest newspaper chains and consulted with TV stations around the country.  He's worked with local and state park systems to develop drone policies that make sense.


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